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You Never Were A Real Man

Let’s get one thing straight, you never were a real man. Did you think just because she let you eat her pussy that your position was secure? I am laughing right now. You only get to taste that pussy because she found a real man to satisfy her need for an actual cock. Every time you go down on her, you taste the reminder that he left behind. Only sissy cucks keep going back for more. She turned you into a bitch on your honeymoon though, didn’t she? Remember the dildo incident?

She knew you never were a real man either , that’s what made it all so much fun. What real man would take a dildo in his ass? It wasn’t difficult to figure out you were wrapped around her finger. She never forgot the sight of you wearing those black bikini panties parading around the bedroom! You never came close to being a real man, too bad you were the last to know.

1 comment to You Never Were A Real Man

  • Petey cream puff

    I admit this. What real man wears makeup/lipstick/panties/bras/dresses/
    women’s clothes/boots? Not many, let alone have hot women do this to them?
    I know all of you won’t ever let me go back to being a real man as all of you have me dressed as your cream puff girl forever.

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