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You Will Always Be A Sissy

By now you should know there is no way to stop wearing panties or sucking cock. You will always be a sissy. There is no way to get away from your true nature. So much time has passed since you dug through your girlfriend’s panty hamper. Do you remember what it was like starting out as a panty boy? At first, you just wanted to try on the panties. Curiosity got the best of you and sniffing the crotch of her worn thong came next. I wonder if you realized right away why the crotch was so sticky with a slightly musky scent?

Somewhere in the back of your mind, the truth was waiting to be brought to the surface. She had a real man who made her feel good and it was not you. What could you possibly do with that tiny little member between your legs? Absolutely nothing. It is so clear that you will always be a sissy. Sneaking around wearing her panties with a crotch full of cum stains gets your pin prick hard, doesn’t it?

There is no reason for you to try and compete with her bull. Deep down you know failure in that particular area is inevitable. Since you are a sissy, why try to be something you are not? The masculinity gene skipped you, so stay in your lane. You are meant to dress up in pretty lingerie and tuck your clittie! Learn to masturbate like a girl and be proud of who you are. You will always be a sissy.

3 comments to You Will Always Be A Sissy

  • sissy donna

    i agree with everything that You wrote under the heading of:you will always be a sissy! i can’t help it Mistress Lena, i am a little dick sissy slut that needs to suck off REAL MEN and eat their big cum loads!

  • Petey cream puff

    Yes, I’ve already accepted/embraced as this is who I’ve am and become. The urge is to strong to resist as I’m to weak/submissive/helpless and feminine as wearing women’s clothes/bras/panties fit and feel better on me then my boy clothes along with lipstick/perfume/lotions to keep my skin soft and girlish smelling. I was meant to be a cream puff girl forever.

  • Ms Lena, a leopard can no more change its spots than a sissy can change her nature. Acceptance of oneself is important and will attract others. A sissy has her work cut out for her but it is well worth the effort.

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