Stocking Fetish


Nobody knows about your stocking foot fetish. If they realize the reaction it produces in you, there will be trouble at the office. Only two other men work at the marketing firm and of course, one of them is gay! Perhaps being in a company where you are outnumbered is not the best idea? All of those long legs encased in shimmery nylon, stimulate the fantasy part of your brain. Just wait, they;re going to break you down so easily. Forget having willpower, it’s useless!

Your only hope is to give in to your boss and her sexy stocking-clad feet and legs and hope none of her underlings notice your serious nylon fetish. And of course, for our purposes, your boss…is me!

So, About Your Stocking Foot Fetish….

When I call you into my office for your first foot worship session with me, you have no idea what’s going on. You just know that I’ve requested to see you, and you’re a little nervous about what’s in store.

You needn’t worry too much, though. Rather than reprimanding you for something, I simply explain to you that I know you have a stocking foot fetish. And in return for letting you keep your job, I’m going to require you to worship my feet while I wear my thigh high stockings. Sounds like a good trade-off to you, doesn’t it?

Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get on your knees in front of me and show me how good you are at worshiping stocking feet!

Your Nylon Fetish Intensifies

I should tell you, though, that I don’t just wear stockings. I sometimes wear pantyhose instead. And after I’ve spent all day with my pantyhose-clad feet crammed into a pair of stiletto pumps, my feet can get a little…smelly. But that’s ok. I’m sure you will not mind at all. In fact, I would bet everything I have that you actually enjoy a little stinky pantyhose humiliation.

I think I’ll have you lie down on the floor for me on your back. Then, I can use your face as a footstool for my stinky pantyhose feet. I know this will really appeal to your stocking foot fetish *and* your desire to be degraded for my entertainment.

I want you to breathe in deeply as I rest my sweaty feet on your face. No lightly sniffing like a coward. Breathe deep and really get the essence of my feet into your nostrils. I bet it makes your cock hard…doesn’t it?

Foot Jobs Are Rewards For Good Boys

Speaking of your cock, we will be ignoring it throughout this stocking foot fetish session, at least until the end. You’ll be too busy worshiping me to pay it any attention, and as for me, well, I never pay much mind to sub’s cocks, anyway.

But if, at the end of our session, you have done a good enough job, I may reward you if I am feeling generous. And how best to reward a stocking foot fetish boy? With a silky nylon foot job, naturally.

If you earn this reward, you can take your clothes off and sit naked in the floor in front of me. I’ll take care of the rest with my perfect feet.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. You are not guaranteed this reward. You must earn it. But I’m sure you’ll work really hard in order to do so, won’t you?

I think a stocking foot fetish session is in your very near future. Wouldn’t you agree? I am dying to know what you love about stocking feet. What kind of stockings do you prefer?  Whether it is something you think is strange or basic, I am ready to hear it!