A Bossy Woman Makes The Perfect Mistress



Have you ever wondered who would be the perfect Mistress? I’m thinking less about individual people here and more about what kind of personality type makes the perfect Mistress. I’ve actually thought about this quite a bit, and I’ve come up with a good answer.

A bossy woman makes the perfect Mistress!

The Perfect Mistress Knows What She Wants And How To Get It

It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? A bossy woman is a woman who is used to being in control. She knows how to lead, and in fact, probably has no idea about anything but being a leader. It’s second nature to her.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. A bossy woman does not necessarily mean someone who’s a bully or overly domineering. I’m just talking about someone who likes to have her own way and isn’t afraid to tell people how to make that happen for her. That kind of woman makes the perfect Mistress because she knows what she wants and how to get it.

Truly dominant women, those of us who are dominant naturally, don’t slip in and out of character. We have a hard time turning our inner leader off because that’s just who we are. We can make a concerted effort not to dominate a conversation or activity, sure. But it does require a lot of restraint, whereas just taking the lead comes naturally!

Bossy Women And Female Superiority

Many dominant women like me believe in Female Superiority. You need only look at the state of the world today to see that Female Superiority is definitely true. Men have gotten us into this sorry state, and unfortunately, it’ll be up to us Superior women to get us out of it. But that, I suppose, is beside the point.

A bossy woman who also believes in Female Superiority will naturally assume that men are meant to be followers. She will order them around, probably without actually even thinking about it very much. And of course, submissive men like yourself will love that! Maybe men with a more dominant nature might find it unpleasant, but not you. You would love to be bossed around by a dominant woman who believes in Female Superiority, wouldn’t you?

Fantasy Mistress Vs. Reality

There is one thing I should note here. There’s a huge difference in fantasy and reality when it comes to dominant women. A fantasy Mistress may give you everything you want without asking anything in return. But there’s no fun in that in real life.

A real Mistress, one who can truly dominate you, has her own agenda. There are things she enjoys doing and things she doesn’t. If a thing you like falls under the “does not enjoy doing” umbrella for her, there’s a good possibility that you might not get to do it very often, or only as a reward. But the things she loves, you’ll probably do pretty regularly.

(Speaking of things dominant women love, I confess that my absolute favorite activity, even more than pegging, is cbt. And yes, I have done it in person! So if that’s something you enjoy, I’d be the perfect Mistress for you! Hint, hint.)

Anyway, I do happen to think that a bossy woman (like me) does, in fact, make the perfect Mistress. Any female-led relationship will require someone strong-willed and strong-hearted. And you can’t be bossy if you aren’t both of those things!

What do you guys think about a bossy woman being the perfect Mistress? True, false, or other? I would love to hear your opinions, so drop me a comment or give me a call. I want to know how a bossy woman fits into your plans!