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My Audios


I know there are plenty of you out there, that like to hear a mistress’ voice before you do a call. Everyone has their own idea of the exact timber and accent that gets them rock hard! Have a listen and see what turns you on !

Want to know what types of sessions I enjoy most?  Go here to find out.

Are you a hopeless sissy with no chance of recovering your manhood? Then you will love this!

Not many things get me as excited as merciless teasing. Listen here.

Are you the type, who needs to be on a strict regimen of denial? Try to hang with the Cum negotiator.


                                                                           **More audios coming soon**



1 comment to My Audios

  • Petey cream puff

    Love the audio where you put hormones in food, gave him breasts,made him wear a dress!! Love those type of audios along with you dressing/turning/keeping sissies as girls!! Want this to happen to me!

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