Small Penis Humiliation


I bet you never thought you’d be the victim of small penis humiliation, did you? And yet, here you are, suffering from the mean and cruel words of a woman.

You really should have known this was coming. But let’s back up for just a minute and examine how you got here, shall we?

A Big Date For A Small Cock

So you met this beautiful woman last week and failed to discern that someone so gorgeous is probably also a size queen. In your ignorance of that fact, you asked her out. And to your surprise, she said yes! You were very excited and spent the next several days planning your date from start to finish.

But you neglected to take into consideration the fact that you have a micropenis. And a micropenis is not something any woman wants in her bedroom. You didn’t mention your tiny cock beforehand, thinking you’d just get naked in front of her and she’d be too nice to say anything. However, you did not get what you bargained for at all!

You took this lovely woman out for an expensive dinner and then a walk on the beach. All was going pretty well honestly. She laughed at your stupid jokes and told you a little about herself. She seemed interested in what you had to say. You were congratulating yourself on how well the date was going when she invited you back to her place.

A Hookup Gone Wrong

You just knew you were going to be able to hook up with this woman, no questions asked. And you didn’t even think for one moment about that mini cocktail shrimp between your legs. You should have, though! You really, really should have thought of that before you stripped naked in her bedroom.

It was the hysterical laughter that brought you out of your haze and back to reality. In your hurry to get your clothes off, you didn’t even notice that the only thing she’d removed was her shoes. So you’re there totally naked with the evidence that you deserve small penis humiliation just hanging out, while she’s still got her clothes on. Wow, I can’t believe you were so dumb!

Even though you realized she was laughing at you and not with you, it still took a moment for it all to sink in.

“I can’t–I can’t believe it’s so tiny! I’ve never seen one so small before!” she exclaimed, doubling over with laughter.

Small Penis Humiliation And Orgasm Denial

The cruel words kept coming, not letting up at all. You tried to protest, tried to explain, tried to wheedle your way into her bed. But it was all for naught. She knows about your micropenis now, and she’s never going to let you forget it, either!

Needless to say, all you’re getting tonight is orgasm denial.

In fact, you’re probably in for a long lifetime of small penis humiliation and orgasm denial. I’d go so far as to say you’re destined to be a pussy-free loser forever. It’s all a little dick loser like you  deserves!

So you might as well get used to small penis humiliation and learn to take pleasure in it. That’s all you’ll be getting for the rest of your life, after all. That one woman is not the only one who’ll laugh at your shortcomings. Most of us are not going to be nice about such a pathetic dick.

So what are you waiting for? Come and get the small penis humiliation phone sex you deserve from me, Ms. Lena. I look forward to degrading you!