Celebrate masturbation

So, I have been told, May is Masturbation Month. I can certainly get into a whole month dedicated to
masturbation, even though I think every day of the year should be a masturbation celebration! Who
doesn’t enjoy taking pleasure into their own hands?  It can be more satisfying than intercourse,
especially for women. In my opinion, masturbation is more exciting with a few additions involved.

Deviate from the norm

I’m sure, when most of you think of masturbation, you imagine giving pleasure to yourself only. Maybe,
you look at some porn on the internet or do it the old fashioned way, with an explicit magazine in front
of you. I, however, love mutual masturbation with a twist. I get off on jerking a man’s cock! There is
something so erotic, about having control of a man’s pleasure in my well-manicured hand.

Rubbing you the right way

Now, I know what you’re thinking…. Miss Lena is a control freak, when it comes to sexual situations! You
would be 98% right in thinking that. The other 2% of the time is another story, for another day. It is true,
that I love to control cock and the outcome of the whole act of masturbation. Of course, my lover has to
be able to hold back, as I work my rosebud clit into a frenzy as well! Nothing is more sexy than hearing the
moans and groans of a man, as I grasp that shaft, sliding my hand up and down. I delicately, squeeze out
a drop of pre-cum and I know by the tight balls….he is close.

Aiming for satisfaction

As I rub and tug a rock hard dick, a target for that load is picked. Yes, I want it to land on my breasts or
even my face! Pearl necklace, anyone?? The mere thought of that cum hitting part of a woman’s body drives
men wild. Seeing the wide-eyed look a man gives, just as he is about to explode, makes me crazy!! I know
I’m not the only one either. One last jerk, as cum is catapulted from tight balls, through your shaft and
out of that swollen knob 🙂 I know how amazing it was to do this together, baby. We can do it again real