Stroke Puppets Need Direction


Hello to all you naughty little stroke puppets out there! I hope you have your lube and any toys you like to use ready because it’s now Stroketember! (You’ll definitely be needing the lube.)

Now, there is one thing I know about you, for sure. I don’t even have to be told this. I just know. You, little jerk-off boy, cannot be trusted with your own cock. This is so evident that it almost goes without saying. That’s what you need me for!

A Stroke Puppet Needs Jerk-Off Instructions

The thing about you and many other men is that you go from 0 to 100 in pretty much no time. No woman is going to want that! You need to learn to pace yourselves. Have some stamina. But I know you can’t do it alone. A  stroking marathon with your favorite Mistress to teach you the right way to jerk off is in order.

And teach you, I will! Guided masturbation is the perfect solution. I love controlling cocks and making subs beg. And in addition to that, it’s just fun for me to issue orders to stroke puppets about what to do with their puny peens. I take great pleasure in it.

Mix In Some Tease And Denial For A Great Masturbation Recipe

Of course, guided masturbation alone is nothing without at least a little tease and denial or, at the very least, tease and delay. Teasing, whether the end result is denial or delay, is the most important part of guided masturbation. Without it, you’re just going to rush for the finish line like you always do.

But with my instruction and some teasing thrown into the mix, stroke puppets will learn sexual stamina. You’ll be able to better please your partner if you can hold off on your orgasm. And not only will you be able to to please a partner better, but you’ll please yourself better, too. Guided masturbation, teasing, and orgasm edging (all of which I specialize in) will give you a much better orgasm at the end.

However, I do have to warn you: You can’t always expect an orgasm. Complete denial (or a ruined orgasm) is always a possibility when you play with me. It just comes with the territory. When you play with me,  you accept that you may not get to cum like you want to or at all!

Intermittent Reinforcement For Strokers

Behavioral psychologists call it intermittent reinforcement. It’s basically exactly what it sounds like. You intermittently give reinforcement to the person you’re training. In this case, the reinforcement is an orgasm. And the behavior we’re trying to shape is your stroking behavior.

When I sometimes reward you with an orgasm and not at others, you learn to take pleasure in the act of stroking itself. You become less focused on the orgasm and more focused on the journey. And that’s very important for building up lasting power. Ultimately, too, it creates an addicted stroker. An addicted stroker is someone who loves stroking just for the sake of stroking. A gooner, if you will.

I am quite good at turning stroke puppets into gooners. Take from that what you will.

If you would  like to try your luck with me this Stroketember, you know what to do. All you’ve got to do is pick up your phone and be prepared to have your limits tested. Giving you masturbation instructions is going to be a great time for me. I can’t wait to add you to my stable of addicted strokers!