So you’ve been curious about fetish domination, have you? Well, you are in the right place to learn all about it. And I’ll be very happy to teach you.

Your interest in BDSM has led you this far. My first piece of advice is to keep looking at things that excite you. Your instincts led you here, so keep looking at different kinks in the genre that peaks your interest..

Pleasing Your Mistress

One of the first things you should know about female-led relationships is that they’re never anything like you see in porn. Porn can be very exciting, but it’s not reality. No woman is going to chase you around with a whip all day, waiting to whack you at the tiniest infraction. Who has time for that, first of all? And secondly, I don’t know about you, but it sounds exhausting to me.

Fetish domination is, instead, a relationship between two people. It requires give and take. It also requires that you want to please your Mistress more than anything, including more than you want to get off.

One of the best things I’ve ever heard about service and pleasing your Mistress in the context of fetish domination goes something like this. “If she doesn’t want it, it isn’t service.” That means no matter how badly you want to, say, massage your Mistress’s feet, if she doesn’t want you to, then you doing it would not be service to her. It would be service to *you* instead.

Her Desires Are Most Important In Fetish Domination

So what can you do to please a dominant woman, then? Come closely and listen very carefully. It’s actually quite simple. You ask her.

No, really, that’s it. You just ask her what would please her. Then, you do it. If what she says doesn’t line up with your fantasy, too bad. If she says she wants you to clean the bathroom, and you want to play with a dildo, then you go and clean the bathroom. She might reward you with the dildo play later, and she might not. What’s important, though, is not your desire, but hers.

So How Does This Translate To Phone Sex?

Now, distance domination works a bit differently than real-time domination. But the principles remain the same. You are there to render service. Anything else is not really submissive.

That’s not to say that your desires are irrelevant in fetish domination, however. If a phone Mistress asks you what kinds of things turn you on, “Whatever you want to do, Goddess” is not the answer she’s looking for. Your place in her life is to make her life easier, not harder. If she asks, she wants to know. So you should tell her. Most likely, she wants to see if your desires match up well with hers. If they do, she might be interested in taking you on as her sub. If they don’t, she can probably recommend a different Mistress to you, one whose interests are more closely linked to yours.

And that is what it’s all about, after all–finding someone compatible with you to share your fantasies and desires with. Again, it’s a relationship. It takes both people to make it work.

So if you’re looking for someone to talk to about your desire for a female-led relationship, I am usually available to answer your questions over the phone. Who knows, you may even become my next sub if you serve me in a satisfactory fashion! That will take time to figure out, though.Chemistry is extremely important, even if we are not together in person. So if there’s something on your mind in regards to fetish domination, give me a call. I’ll help you figure it out.