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Cum Is Like Crack….

One hit is never enough! All you cock sucking cum slurpers out there know exactly what I mean. Admit it, cum is like crack because after  having it the first time, you just can’t stop! How many times have you told yourself you would not swallow anymore for a mistress? She gets you into the perfect subspace and becomes a bad influence. That is what you tell yourself, isn’t it?

The bad influence isn’t her. The cum you slurp from a rock hard cock is the thing corrupting you. Cum is creamy, hot, salty crack….addictive. How hard have you tried not to submit to its allure? If you are on program and not getting it from other sources, can that promise be adhered to? Maybe you end up jerking yourself off as a quick cum fix. Your own cum is just as good as anyone else’s right?

Desperation makes us do funny things, like save cum in the freezer. Are you hoarding it for later? This behavior is pathetic you know. Of course, you do.


Chastity Is For Spillers

Chastity will cure you of your spilling problem. That’s right, I said it! Chastity is for SPILLERS! If you drip and leak the slightest amount of cum when I tell you not to, then I am talking to you. Get ready to experience the agony of denial on a constant basis. Since you . . . → Read More: Chastity Is For Spillers

What My Strap-On Is For

You think you know what my strap-on is for, but you really don’t. Some two girl fantasy might be playing in your head. Believe me, it’s not the right one. This is where my strap-on comes in. The fantasy mutates into something you never imagined. On your knees, naked and apologizing you claim you . . . → Read More: What My Strap-On Is For

What Would You Do With Mistress’ Panties?

On a recent call with one of my favorite strokers,I was begged to relinquish a pair of my panties. “What would you do with your mistress’ panties?”, I asked. Sniff them, of course. There are some other choices out there, I am sure. My subject’s answer was a way for me to gauge ,whether . . . → Read More: What Would You Do With Mistress’ Panties?

Cocksucker’s Challenge

I know how much the cocksuckers out there love getting on their knees for a thick, juicy one. Awww…come on, admit it, you’re salivating already. Well, don’t start comparing yourself to Pavlov’s dogs just yet. I have a challenge for you. Do you think you can keep from getting hard while sucking on a . . . → Read More: Cocksucker’s Challenge

Text And CUM…Or Be Denied

I don’t tell everyone, but I am going to let you know that I do like to text nasty things. You may be in a location where it isn’t so conducive to talking on the phone. That is the perfect time to get on Skype and let your fingers do the walking. Just so . . . → Read More: Text And CUM…Or Be Denied

A Twist On The Two Girl Fantasy

There are  many men who fantasize about scenarios with two women. Perhaps you imagine yourself submitting to two mistresses at once. Do you get excited thinking about your girlfriend and her BFF, laughing at your tiny tool? Yeah, small penis humiliation is always best done in two’s. When you really delve into that two . . . → Read More: A Twist On The Two Girl Fantasy

Stroking Games

If you have a tiny little pecker or a sissy clittie, I would love to play a stroking game with you. Even if you are a chronic masturbator with a decent size dick, stroking games are fun! My favorite one has to be “keep the cum in your sac”! How long can you hold . . . → Read More: Stroking Games

Sissy’s First Glory Hole Excursion

Hello, ladies! The weekend is almost here and it’s time to turn our attention to more slutty matters. I do love panty boys, but even more so…sissies. This is a perfect time to think about a weekend excursion to the glory holes. Okay, stop! I know your little clittie is starting to throb already . . . → Read More: Sissy’s First Glory Hole Excursion

Wheel of Fortune For Strokers

I have one little addicted stroker who is constantly feeling lucky. I’ll call him “Little Petey”. Now Little Petey is the most chronic of masturbators. He has been the subject of my blog before. Let me refresh everyone’s memory. He’s the pathetic little-dicked sub, who cums three times before calling mistresses in the empire. . . . → Read More: Wheel of Fortune For Strokers