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Masturbation Palm Pilot With Ms Christine

Do You Remember The Palm Pilot?

Masturbation with Ms Christine

It’s what your palm was intended for…

It’s still Masturbation May and I’m sure the word “palm” makes you think of being able to stroke for me, doesn’t it? But the real question is, do you remember the Pam Pilot?  It was the iPad before the iPad, the smart phone before the smart phone – without the phone!  Anyway, this tease has nothing to do with those clunky pieces of technology!  This tease is all about palming your own orgasm pilot…

Always Get Hard And Warm Up Before Masturbation

A few rules.  You must have denied yourself for at least three days before you do this tease.  You will edge, but there is no guarantee you’ll get to cum.  Get hard for me stroker, then do your five minute stroking warm up.  One stroke every five seconds for a minute, then once every four seconds, increasing the stroke rate once a second for every minute you stroke.  Try not to edge during your warm-up, it’s just going to make it…more difficult on you! (You thought I was going to say harder, didn’t you?)

Palm Pilot Masturbation

Take your stroking hand, and put a nice dollop of lube in your palm.  Now, take your non-dominant hand – the one you don’t usually stroke with, grab your cock shaft right beneath the head, and pull back, all the way to the base.  Hold it there, pulling taut any lose skin.  Now, take your stroking hand, cup it over the head of your dick and start rubbing it.  Pretend you’re trying to make a ball of dough…feels good, right? Now do that for 5 minutes and see if you can actually get to the edge. Combined with the stroking you did, you should be close… I know that cock is throbbing and your head is leaking by now, surely.

Oh… you want to know if you can cum? lol… gee, I don’t know, this is Miss Lena’s blog, perhaps you should ask us both in comments and see if you can get at least one yes… good luck! 😉

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

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Beg To Edge

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Stroke Away During Masturbation May


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Tormenting Your Cock and Balls

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What To Do With Your Puny Peen

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