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Mistress Provides Safe Haven For Kinksters

In the wake of the club shooting in Orlando, I am reminded of how lucky I have been to be myself without fear of criticism or danger. Living in a metropolitan city with almost 9 million inhabitants, allows the luxury of  disappearing in a place full of vast differences. New York allows people to be anything they desire. I am thankful that I can provide a safe haven for kinksters with such varied tastes.

Whether it’s your first time calling, or your fiftieth, I encourage you to enjoy being able to let your hair down. Being yourself on a call with me or any of the mistresses here at LDW can not only be exciting, but freeing as well. Maybe you have been wearing panties for years, but want to push the limits a little more. How awesome would it be, to take me on a trip to Victoria’s Secret with you via Skype! I would love to help you pick out some pretty things to make you feel sexy.

We can all agree, just how lucky we are to have this forum at LDW to enjoy our wild sides. Maybe, when you call tonight say a little’ thank you’ anyway.

Having Fun with Sensual Humiliation

Being a sensual humiliatrix dominatrix is such a fun and little feisty fetish! The softness of gentle taunting really gets you under my spell doesn’t it?

Telling you how sweet you’d look in my panties, giggling about that adorable dickette, playfully teasing you about making you my little doll even. Or maybe even regaling . . . → Read More: Having Fun with Sensual Humiliation

Do More Than Masturbate For Mistress

Last weekend I attended a girlfriend’s BDSM pool party. It was the first one of the Summer season. Plenty of lifestylers showed up, to kick off what should be a wonderfully decadent string of get togethers. As I made my way around, pausing to enjoy mistresses taunting their subs; I realized the ones that . . . → Read More: Do More Than Masturbate For Mistress

Riding The Joystick

I know how wonderful it has been for some of you to masturbate all the way through May. Believe me, I had so much fun watching some of my callers on cam that I want to just keep it going. June is almost here though, and it is time for all the kinksters out . . . → Read More: Riding The Joystick

Cure For a Small Penis With Big Commands

Your Shrunken Stiffy Is a Bully

You like to think you’re in charge of how you stroke that little dicksicle and when, but we both know nothing could be further from the truth. That crotch caterpillar is fully in charge of you and is not going to let you forget it. You are bitch . . . → Read More: Cure For a Small Penis With Big Commands

Rip The Runway, Sissy!!!

Hello, all you sissy kinksters out there! You know who you are. I am not  talking about the occasional panty boys. I mean the full blown sissy bitches with a drawer full of panties and a closet overflowing with dresses, skirts and heels!!! For all practical purposes, Summer is here. I know that you . . . → Read More: Rip The Runway, Sissy!!!

Masturbation Palm Pilot With Ms Christine

Do You Remember The Palm Pilot?

It’s what your palm was intended for…

It’s still Masturbation May and I’m sure the word “palm” makes you think of being able to stroke for me, doesn’t it? But the real question is, do you remember the Pam Pilot?  It was the iPad before . . . → Read More: Masturbation Palm Pilot With Ms Christine

You Can Stroke, But Cumming Is Not Promised

I know how much you love to stroke. What man would ever say that he doesn’t like to pull on his puny peen? You might wonder how I know just how small it is. Men with larger appendages do not need to jack off, because they get all the pussy they want! Of course, . . . → Read More: You Can Stroke, But Cumming Is Not Promised

Beg To Edge

What would the month of May be, without masturbation? Imagine that pleasing your mistress this month meant you were to be deprived of jerking privileges! You would have to deal with nagging, throbbing erections and sticky, damp underwear. Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? After all, everyone else gets to rub one out. . . . → Read More: Beg To Edge

Make Masturbation More Fun

Hi Fellas! I hope you are really enjoying Masturbation May 2016. There are plenty of fun things going on around LDW to make this month more exciting. Whether you have decided to play pass the penis, just to please your mistress, or you are getting that cock controlled by a mastubatrix, try to add . . . → Read More: Make Masturbation More Fun