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The Reason You’re A Cuckold

All this time you thought you were doing just what she liked in bed. It never included your dick though, did it? Sure you’re good with your tongue, but that gets old after awhile. You made her cum a few times that way, but she seemed to lose interest. There is a reason she lost interest and I will bet it has something to do with the cuckold thing. It’s time for you face the truth.

I want you to strip and stand in front of the mirror. What do you see? Is it disappointing? It must be or she would be satisfied. About five inches south of your belly button is the source of all your trouble. Since you can’t make it eight inches or more by snapping your fingers, you will have to get used to feeling inadequate. The reason any man is a cuckold is because he doesn’t cut it in the bedroom.

Get used to your new status. If you need some tips on being a better cuckold give me a call!

You Sucked A Cock, Now What?

Are you freaking out? Of course you are. You thought being inside a warm, wet pussy was going to please you forever. Let’s be honest, you have been pushing down the desire to get on your knees for years. Now that you’ve gone and done it, you can’t help but wonder if you could . . . → Read More: You Sucked A Cock, Now What?

What To Do During A Snow Storm

If you’re on the east coast, chances are you’re snowed in. It could only be so cold you want to stay in, but the question remains, what now? Maybe you watched all the college basketball you could handle and need a little excitement. There is always your old standby. You can watch porn on . . . → Read More: What To Do During A Snow Storm

Show Off On Cam

Are you an exhibitionist type? Maybe you enjoy the sting of humiliation you get, while I’m watching you model lingerie and play with yourself on cam? There is something very exciting about seeing my callers prance around with make-up on, all dressed up. For those of you who aren’t sissies, you can certainly masturbate . . . → Read More: Show Off On Cam

Surviving Chastity

If you have been in chastity for an extended period of time, you might be thinking right now how difficult it is. Yes, I can hear all of you screaming about how frustrated you are. When you’re doing a long stretch in your cock cage and cannot stimulate your cock directly, it’s time for . . . → Read More: Surviving Chastity

Beg All You Want

Some of you out there may get the wrong impression when you listen to my audios. I get it. I do sound relaxed and kinda nice, right? When you call me with your hard-on in your hand or cock locked up in chastity, the last thing you may expect is for me to say . . . → Read More: Beg All You Want

Get Your Best Call

You might be wondering if it is your first time calling how to make this the best call ever. I cannot stress enough how reading some of my previous blog entries will help you understand what types of fetishes I love. Just so you know, my favorite types of calls are sissification,  coerced bisexuality . . . → Read More: Get Your Best Call

Enchanted By A Woman’s Ass

Do you get hard at the site of a shapely ass in a tight skirt? Is it the rhythmic wiggle, almost like a pendulum on a clock? Perhaps, you imagine just what a woman is wearing underneath the skirt? Is she sporting a thong or nothing at all? It would be so wonderful to . . . → Read More: Enchanted By A Woman’s Ass

Chrissie Gets Her Holes Filled

I absolutely love getting calls from Chrissie the BIG Black cock gulper. This time she was on another quest for the biggest black dick she could find to swallow. Needless to say, she got more than she bargained for. I tried to tell Chrissie that trolling for cock on the CL can be a . . . → Read More: Chrissie Gets Her Holes Filled

Your Little Dickie Just Won’t Do

Sometimes, you just have to be honest with yourself. Every day you look at the little thing in your pants and feel a flush of shame. What  good does it actually do, except allow you to use the bathroom? Some days you might even wish it wasn’t there at all. I mean, honey it . . . → Read More: Your Little Dickie Just Won’t Do