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Beg for My Strap On

There you are on your knees looking up at me. The look in my eyes says it all. A wicked smile starting to creep across my face demands your attention. You will beg for my strap-on. Take your tongue and trace the outline of it. Feel the bulge of the head on your lips. The life-like veins on the shaft, tantalize your tongue. Open wide and I will give you every inch until you gag!

The feeling of my strap-on dick down your throat, fucking your face takes you to another place. You tilt your head all the way back in total subservience. Of course, you need more. Your body craves it. I want to hear you say it. Beg your mistress for that strap-on cock! I know you want to give yourself to me completely. Getting down on all fours, you show me the tender cheeks that will be parted with my fuck stick.

Tell me how badly you want it! You want to feel it filling you up and stretching that hole, don’t you? Then beg and don’t forget to say please.

What Can a Cuckold Do?

Don’t think because you are a cuckold that you are totally useless. I can only imagine, how humiliating it must be to know that you don’t have what it takes to really satisfy your wife. All those embarrassing moments, when she asked if you already put your cock inside her. It must have just . . . → Read More: What Can a Cuckold Do?

Start With Panties in the New Year

Those nagging feelings will never go away, so don’t fool yourself. I know how much you really want to be the perfect sissy for me. Why don’t you start with panties in the New Year? Stop stealing from your girlfriend’s panty drawer and buy some of your own. Start out with a trip to . . . → Read More: Start With Panties in the New Year

Tribute To George Michael

I can’t believe it. My absolute favorite singer of all time is gone. None of us know when our time here is going to be up. I always felt a certain connection to George Michael because I remember being looked at as a goody two shoes in school, but I knew it wasn’t who . . . → Read More: Tribute To George Michael

Cum Eating Sissy

It’s already been established that you are a frilly sissy bitch. Look at you, wearing pink satin panties and a push up bra! You look just like a pre-op tranny. That’s the whole point though, right? You get excited to dress up and parade around in the bedroom sucking on a dildo. There’s a . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Sissy

Cuckold Bitch Holiday

You know as a cuckold bitch the holidays can be extra fun. Why? Well, the Christmas parties of course! Your wife enjoys getting some big dick on the side underneath the mistletoe. Look forward to getting a mouthful of cum when she comes staggering in. Maybe, you will get to be the subject of . . . → Read More: Cuckold Bitch Holiday

Presents For A Sissy

Now that Christmas is just a few days away, I hope you’re all set with presents for your sissy. There are so many things that would be just perfect for a sissy. A simple thing that can be found at plenty of stores would be a pair of panties. Every sissy needs a sizable . . . → Read More: Presents For A Sissy

Mistress Christmas

Christmas is  right around the corner. Not to diminish any other holiday out there, but I love Christmas!!!  This time of year, I have to go to Rockefeller Center and take pictures of myself along with friends. The lights from the tree and the flashes from people’s cameras make it seem like the sky . . . → Read More: Mistress Christmas

Old Cucks Finish Fast

You decided to marry that fox when you were 59 and she was 38, now things have gone sideways. Why didn’t you ask me? I would have told you what a bad idea it was from the start. You are finding out now though, aren’t you? Every time you call me, it’s to talk . . . → Read More: Old Cucks Finish Fast

You Know You’re A Sissy

Sometimes, you just have to stop kidding yourself. There are certain things that only sissies do. If you are wearing panties and a bra underneath your suit, it is evident that your masculinity is gone. You are projecting a false identity by even wearing male clothes. I’m sure you peel the fake man persona . . . → Read More: You Know You’re A Sissy