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Humiliation Of A Sissy Cuckold

Your wife discovered you romping around in her panties. She thought something was wrong, but couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Now she knows and you will suffer the humiliation of a sissy cuckold. Her disdain for sex with you surfaced a long time ago. After the first time she asked if you were in yet, you knew it was not a good sign. From that day forward you never got to attempt intercourse with her again. That is when it all began. You felt so inferior because you knew you could not satisfy her. She would come in late at night and immediately get in the shower.

Wifey’s late night showers could only mean one thing. Her pussy was fucked to orgasm by someone other than your sissy cuckold ass! When she got in last night something was different. She undressed and got on the bed. You rolled over pretending like she woke you up, but she wasn’t fooled. “Get down there and lick it!” she said in a demanding tone. Immediately, you slid between her legs with a hard little button dick. The first taste made you flush with humiliation. The strong taste of  his cum left an aftertaste in your mouth that was unforgettable. This would be your life from now on. You would service her wearing sissy panties whenever she told you to. Such is the sissy cuckold life!

No Accidental Cummies

You enjoy rubbing your clittie way too much. That is why you need instructions from me on how to do it. It is my responsibility to teach you self control, so no accidental cummies. You must be able to follow my directions and hold your cum in at all costs. If you have to . . . → Read More: No Accidental Cummies

What You Can Do With A Pinky Size Pecker

It has been established that you have an under-sized weenie. You may be wondering what exactly can you do with a pinky-size pecker? There isn’t one mistress here that is not going to laugh once they see just how small you are. So, obviously your pinky-size pecker can be used for entertainment purposes. If . . . → Read More: What You Can Do With A Pinky Size Pecker

Pantyhose Sissy

It’s your favorite time of day. Being a pantyhose sissy means your heart rate increases, when you hear the mailman approach. You have been waiting for the special package to be dropped into your mailbox for days. Part of the thrill of ordering online is that you can get anything you want. The selection . . . → Read More: Pantyhose Sissy

Mistress’ Cock Sucking Bitch

You know how lucky you are to be mistress’ cock sucking bitch. You can feel the thrill running up your spine when I tell you to get dressed. You know then that we are going out to have a night on the town. You put on the sexiest dress that you own and spend . . . → Read More: Mistress’ Cock Sucking Bitch

What Mistress Likes About CBT

Some of you may not know that I enjoy doing cbt. What mistress likes about cbt is the change of inflection in a callers voice when he follows my instructions to punish his balls. Whether it’s a ping pong paddle that whacks those balls, or a magazine , I get excited at your cries . . . → Read More: What Mistress Likes About CBT

Join The Puny Pecker Humiliation Train

If you’re small and you know it, clap your hands!!! Yes, I am talking to you. You know exactly who you are. Have you stopped wearing men’s underwear because they sag and bag? That’s okay you’re not a real man anyway. You went from boy shorts to  pink panties. Can you hear me laughing, . . . → Read More: Join The Puny Pecker Humiliation Train

The Little Cock Coke Bottle Test

You do realize that your cock is small, don’t you? C’mon, I know you do! Have you ever thought about where it falls on the scale of smallness? Maybe you are like a hotdog or perhaps a Vienna sausage. Why don’t you try the Coke bottle test? If your wee weenie can slip easily . . . → Read More: The Little Cock Coke Bottle Test

Cocksucker’s Torment

The thoughts keep bothering you. You think about it more and more. Did you imagine that sucking one cock in college would stick with you like this? Call it cocksucker’s torment, the fantasy that never goes away. Even when you are in bed with your wife the visions of taking a fat, dripping wet . . . → Read More: Cocksucker’s Torment

Pegging For Control

There are plenty of ways to control a man, but I prefer pegging for control. You know the old saying about the way to a man’s heart being through his stomach? Well, that is a lie! Controlling a man’s heart through anal stimulation is the best way to go. Imagine yourself teetering on the . . . → Read More: Pegging For Control