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What REAL Submissive Men Know

Submissive Men KnowI get this question all the time. Mistress can you make me…fill in the blank? What real submissive men know is that mistress does not make you do anything. You, as a man who is subservient to the will of a dominant woman only do what is your heart’s deepest desire. You are compelled to deprive yourself of orgasm, get on your knees and lick toes or prance around in a dress and heels. There is no need for mistress to force you in actuality because you do it willingly.

Deep in the recesses of the submissive male mind, there is the knowledge that you can refuse to do anything. The real submissive man knows that pleasing his mistress is what makes him feel worthy of mistress’ attention. What could possibly be better than the woman who rewards and  punishes you taking notice of your actions? There is a sense of belonging because you share a deep, secret bond. No wonder you submit your will so easily. I look forward to your submission , whatever form it takes!

Mistress Lena

Your Wife Hates Little Dick

Some of you just don’t get it, do you? The signs are all there. She lets you jerk off while you touch her tits or, better yet, as you watch her masturbate. Your wife hates little dick! That means your dick. It’s never getting inside her pussy ever again. How long has it . . . → Read More: Your Wife Hates Little Dick

Undercover Big Black Cock Lover

Did that title catch your eye? It should have. I know you are here because you are an undercover big Black cock lover! Don’t worry, I can keep a secret. If you can’t tell me all of your hidden kinky desires, then who can you tell? Better not tell your girlfriend. She will most . . . → Read More: Undercover Big Black Cock Lover

Interracial Cuckolding

Interracial cuckolding is exciting to many of my callers. Some of you like the idea of your wife getting all the satisfaction she deserves from a strong, well-hung  Black man. It may have nothing to do with your cock size. Perhaps you have an average size cock, but you love watching a man who . . . → Read More: Interracial Cuckolding

Sissy Bitch Exposed

If you think your sissy ways will remain secret, forget it! The fact that you are a sissy who loves to wear panties will be revealed. Sissy bitches are exposed by little mistakes they make. Do you think it’s such a good idea to take all those pictures on your phone? Sending them to . . . → Read More: Sissy Bitch Exposed

How Long Can You Stroke Your Cock For Mistress?

All men love to stroke. For me, it becomes much more exciting if we turn it into a game. How long can you stroke your cock for mistress? If you’re a ten minute wimp then don’t bother. Mistress loves the addicted strokers who can last for half an hour or more. If you have . . . → Read More: How Long Can You Stroke Your Cock For Mistress?

Pushed Out of the Sissy Closet

You were going about your business enjoying your secret life. One day a manila envelope made it to your house before you got home. You got pushed out of the sissy closet as soon as your wife saw the pictures of you wearing panties, a push up bra and red lipstick. Oh, it’s too . . . → Read More: Pushed Out of the Sissy Closet

Foot Fuck Fantasy

Anyone who knows me gets that I love to tease. I’m the type who really enjoys having a man in a compromising position. Being in said compromising position is even more fun when we’re in public.  An outdoor cafe is the perfect place for a foot fucking. It’s a beautiful day outside and you . . . → Read More: Foot Fuck Fantasy

Crossdresser At The Adult Video Store

I was riding by the adult video store during the day and happened to see a crossdresser. Now, at first glance I thought it was a statuesque redhead. When I looked closer, I realized the jaw was a little too square and the hands were too big. The shoes the crossdresser  was wearing  were . . . → Read More: Crossdresser At The Adult Video Store

Cock Sucking Cum Slut

You know how addicted you are to sucking cock. I know how you difficult it may be to admit that you’re a cock sucking cum slut. Remember the last time you did it? Of course you do! You woke up in the middle of the night and tip-toed out of the bedroom so your . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Cum Slut