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Enchanted By A Woman’s Ass

Do you get hard at the site of a shapely ass in a tight skirt? Is it the rhythmic wiggle, almost like a pendulum on a clock? Perhaps, you imagine just what a woman is wearing underneath the skirt? Is she sporting a thong or nothing at all? It would be so wonderful to bury your face in between some soft butt cheeks for a body worship session, wouldn’t it? You don’t get to be smothered in its curvy sexiness though, what you will get is teased!

Each step you watch her take, produces a twitching in your groin. Her skirt rises just an inch, but you wish it were much more. Your mind immediately shifts to being on your knees. Your mouth begins to water, as you imagine sticking your tongue out. You can almost smell the womanly scent, wafting from between her lovely legs. If you’re lucky, she will bend over and let you kiss her ass….maybe!

Chrissie Gets Her Holes Filled

I absolutely love getting calls from Chrissie the BIG Black cock gulper. This time she was on another quest for the biggest black dick she could find to swallow. Needless to say, she got more than she bargained for. I tried to tell Chrissie that trolling for cock on the CL can be a . . . → Read More: Chrissie Gets Her Holes Filled

Your Little Dickie Just Won’t Do

Sometimes, you just have to be honest with yourself. Every day you look at the little thing in your pants and feel a flush of shame. What  good does it actually do, except allow you to use the bathroom? Some days you might even wish it wasn’t there at all. I mean, honey it . . . → Read More: Your Little Dickie Just Won’t Do

Lick, Lick Kiss

Plenty of men are fans of a sexy pair of female legs. Let’s focus on feet though. There is something about a freshly pedicured set of toes. Is it the shiny, candy apple red polish that accents perfectly formed toes? Those pretty peds look good enough to eat, lick and kiss! Now, which would . . . → Read More: Lick, Lick Kiss

Putting You In Your Place

There are a few too many little dick losers out there. I think it’s just plain wrong to let them think that little dicks are equal. We know that is not the case. Your girlfriend may tell you that size doesn’t matter. Think about it though, when was the last time you got to . . . → Read More: Putting You In Your Place

Calling All Edging Superstars

Are you an edging superstar? If you’re looking up at the ceiling and wondering, probably not! If you like to see just how long you can hold out while stroking, then there might be hope for you. I personally think that edging sessions are best when you can show me your cock on Skype. . . . → Read More: Calling All Edging Superstars

Chrissie Finds Some Big Cock

By now you all know about Chrissie the Big Black cock gulper. It’s always so much fun when Chrissie calls because it means that bitch is looking for cock. Really, by the time Chrissie calls she usually has already found the black dick to suck and it’s waiting  in the house. Of course I . . . → Read More: Chrissie Finds Some Big Cock

Beg for My Strap On

There you are on your knees looking up at me. The look in my eyes says it all. A wicked smile starting to creep across my face demands your attention. You will beg for my strap-on. Take your tongue and trace the outline of it. Feel the bulge of the head on your lips. . . . → Read More: Beg for My Strap On

What Can a Cuckold Do?

Don’t think because you are a cuckold that you are totally useless. I can only imagine, how humiliating it must be to know that you don’t have what it takes to really satisfy your wife. All those embarrassing moments, when she asked if you already put your cock inside her. It must have just . . . → Read More: What Can a Cuckold Do?

Start With Panties in the New Year

Those nagging feelings will never go away, so don’t fool yourself. I know how much you really want to be the perfect sissy for me. Why don’t you start with panties in the New Year? Stop stealing from your girlfriend’s panty drawer and buy some of your own. Start out with a trip to . . . → Read More: Start With Panties in the New Year