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I Know You Love Aural Thrills


If you were not a lover of aural sexual thrills, you wouldn’t be here now, would you? Of course not! Some may say that the mind, sight and hearing are the main ingredients for a sensational sexual experience. Whether you are alone or with someone else, the mind takes over as we start to fantasize. Seeing what turns you on, whether it is right in front of you or in your mind’s eye, helps to build the excitement. It is amazing to hear the sounds of arousal, sometimes the sounds of sex can be more exciting than anything.

I know you get off on hearing the sounds of sex or you wouldn’t crank the volume on the porn. Of course watching all the action going on is fun too! For those of you who just love to relax and listen to a sexy voice, while you paint a picture in your mind of all the action; the audio store is for you. To get some hot audios done by the creative ladies here at LDW, go to . There is a little something for everyone.


Long Legs and Sexy Feet Make Men Weak

You know who you are. Checking out every pair of well shaped legs that pass you by. Something happens inside when ladies strut by and your eyes pan down to their well-pedicured feet in strappy, high heel sandals. I know  you can’t control that hardness growing in your pants. What is it about legs . . . → Read More: Long Legs and Sexy Feet Make Men Weak

When Did You Lose Your Man Card???

Women do have certain ideas about what a real man is supposed to be like. He should not be soft or to put it better, sissy-like. Sometimes though, you may be convinced or even coerced to do certain things that make you appear to be less than manly. It may start out with an . . . → Read More: When Did You Lose Your Man Card???

Sloppy Seconds For You

As a cuckold, you must know exactly what your role is. Your relationship is not only about the lack of pussy, it’s also about taking a spot at the end of the line. When you’re at the end of the line,that means you get sloppy seconds! What are sloppy seconds,you ask? C’mon!!! Since you . . . → Read More: Sloppy Seconds For You

How Long Have You Been….

secretly sucking cock? Is it a new fascination for you or have you been doing it for years? If it’s a new fascination, maybe you can pass it off as experimentation. Have years gone by though and you’re still trying to pass it off as being bi curious? Safe to say, now the curiosity . . . → Read More: How Long Have You Been….

Affectionate Humiliation for a Small Penis

Hello, Horny Readers! Miss Lena has kindly invited Me to guest post on Her blog, and today I just happen to be in the mood to wax somewhat poetical about a certain small penis.

“About a small penis?” I hear you remarking quizzically.

Most boys know that generally I would . . . → Read More: Affectionate Humiliation for a Small Penis

Mistress Provides Safe Haven For Kinksters

In the wake of the club shooting in Orlando, I am reminded of how lucky I have been to be myself without fear of criticism or danger. Living in a metropolitan city with almost 9 million inhabitants, allows the luxury of  disappearing in a place full of vast differences. New York allows people to . . . → Read More: Mistress Provides Safe Haven For Kinksters

Having Fun with Sensual Humiliation

Being a sensual humiliatrix dominatrix is such a fun and little feisty fetish! The softness of gentle taunting really gets you under my spell doesn’t it?

Telling you how sweet you’d look in my panties, giggling about that adorable dickette, playfully teasing you about making you my little doll even. Or maybe even regaling . . . → Read More: Having Fun with Sensual Humiliation

Do More Than Masturbate For Mistress

Last weekend I attended a girlfriend’s BDSM pool party. It was the first one of the Summer season. Plenty of lifestylers showed up, to kick off what should be a wonderfully decadent string of get togethers. As I made my way around, pausing to enjoy mistresses taunting their subs; I realized the ones that . . . → Read More: Do More Than Masturbate For Mistress

Riding The Joystick

I know how wonderful it has been for some of you to masturbate all the way through May. Believe me, I had so much fun watching some of my callers on cam that I want to just keep it going. June is almost here though, and it is time for all the kinksters out . . . → Read More: Riding The Joystick