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Adore My Feet

How would you adore my feet? I enjoy getting kisses on each toe individually, but maybe you need to practice your pedicure skills. Do you feel secure enough in the steadiness of your hands to trim and file my toe nails? I’m sure the chance to do this simple act for me will be your pleasure. When you wash my feet make sure to get the scrub and slather it all over them. Use a firm hand as you massage my arches thoroughly. Now rinse them well under the faucet and pat them dry.

You’re fortunate to be so intimate with my peds. Take the nail polish off my dresser and shake the bottle. Shaking keeps the color smooth and even. I will put my foot on your thigh so you can start polishing. Don’t make a mess or your pants will be ruined. Pay attention while you brush each bit of color on the perfectly formed nails. Ignoring the hardness of your cock as you finish the job will get easier with time. Let’s talk about all the ways you will adore my feet.

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  • Mistress Amber

    Nothing is more relaxing after a whole day of shopping with my girlfriends and walking from one mall store to another than coming home to a lovely foot worship session. This blog is timely for the season and right on the money, Miss Lena! You’re making me want a foot massage RIGHT NOW and like you, I ALWAYS get what I want!

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