Do you know what the ultimate tease is? If you read the title of this blog post, you do. And if you didn’t, then the answer is cuckolding!

Cuckolding is an extreme form of cock teasing in my book because what could possibly make you hornier than wishing your cock was good enough to fuck me? Of course, we both know that’s never going to happen, but that’s half the fun, right? The knowing that you will never have me? Face the facts, the day will not come when what you have to offer pleases me.

Your Cuckoldress Teases You

Imagine your favorite Cuckoldress having you help get ready for a date. You are  so turned on, just from picturing what may happen later in your head. It takes all  of your brain cells to think straight!

Then, imagine me leaving you at home to–I don’t know–wash all my lingerie by hand while I go out on my date. You’ll be a naughty panty-sniffer, and someone else will be getting what you desperately wish you had. Think of what an ultimate tease that’ll be.

I might really get into it and even send you some pictures. Think how hard your cock will be when I text you a pic from inside his bedroom! Maybe you’ll even get one of me in my lingerie as he kisses the side of my neck….Or perhaps something even dirtier than that. I guess there’s only one way to find out what you might receive!

The Ultimate Tease Always Ends In Denial

But don’t think for a minute that this particular cock tease ends well for you. It’s true that I adore getting your dick hard. I’m less in love with the idea of getting you off, though. So for that reason, this was always going to end in tease and denial.

I’ll barely even have to do anything to tease you. Your imagination will do most of the work for me. Merely thinking of being cuckolded drives you wild. So when I actually do it, you will absolutely lose your mind!

As I said, I’ll likely send you some pictures to keep you on your toes. But I really don’t have to, do I? You’ll be picturing it all playing out in your mind. You hardly need anything to help you along with that.

This ultimate tease is enough to make you drool with desire. But the best part about it is that I’m not going to let you cum after I come home with a nice creampie. You might get to clean up that creampie, but you won’t get to make one yourself, not even on your own fingers.

Orgasm Denial Is What A Cuck Deserves

Why, you ask? Why is there no way you can earn an orgasm from me after I cuckold you? Well, the answer is, because a cuck deserves to be denied. A dick like yours could never satisfy me. So why should it be allowed any pleasure at all? You’ll simply have to learn to take pleasure in the teasing aspect. I’m certainly not planning on letting you have an orgasm. Only real cocks get to have those.

So maybe now you’re rethinking your position on cuckolding, the ultimate tease. But it’s too late! You already told me you wanted to be  cucked, and that’s what you’ll get. Soon, you’ll understand on a visceral level why cuckolding is the ultimate tease. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

A little teasing, a little cuckold phone sex–it’s the perfect way to while away an evening. Something tells me, you’ve been imagining someone bringing a well-hung stud home to enjoy in front of you.I love hearing about your fantasies and telling you what I think makes the perfect cuck. We need to talk now!