Cuckolded Masturbator


Are you a cuckolded masturbator, by chance? If you are, you would know. How, you ask? Oh, because your hot wife is out cheating on you every chance she gets because all you’re doing is sitting at home, jerking off your little cock with three fingers.

You know as well as I do that you can’t satisfy her with something so small. And even if you could, it’s been so abused by your constant masturbation that you can’t even keep it good and hard for her pleasure. So why should she bother with you at all, right?

A Chronic Cuckolded Masturbator Deserves Nothing

As a chronic cuckolded masturbator, you deserve nothing, not even a real orgasm that you give to yourself. You’re simply an addicted stroker, and you’re good for nothing but gooning constantly.

Your wife, on the other hand, deserves much more than you. She deserves plenty of lovers who can make her happy and please her in every way that you cannot. Are you even worthy of tasting her creampies after she’s finished making love to her studs? Probably not because a cuckolded masturbator like you would find a way to screw that up, too, somehow.

Therefore, what you need is someone who knows how to handle chronic jerk-off addicts like yourself. You wife can take care of the cuckolding and fucking other men part. I’ll have my fun humiliating you and encouraging your worthless gooning.

Get Your Gooning Instructions

You need a Masturbatrix like me to lead you deeper and deeper into pathetic loser jack-off freak territory. I’ll give you plenty of ways to do that, too. You’ll get your jerk-off instructions, and you’ll get quite a bit of edging as well. That’s what gooning is, after all, as you well know. It’s stroking it constantly without any thought to anything else, including your wife’s pleasure. Hint: That’s why she’s out fucking other men.

A cuckolded masturbator like yourself needs more than just regular old JOI, though. Regular old JOI usually results in an orgasm at the end if the man in question does a good enough job of following those instructions. But you…you don’t deserve anything like that, as we’ve already made clear above. Instead being able to cum for real, you’re just going to get a ruined orgasm…and that’s if you’re lucky!

If you’re unlucky, you won’t even get that. It’ll just be a never-ending hell of gooning on repeat for all eternity. Oh, well, too bad for you. You should’ve thought of this before you turned into a chronic cuckolded masturbator!

Call Me While Your Hot Wife Is Out Enjoying Cock

So next time your hot wife goes out to enjoy another man’s cock, you need to call me to help you with all your cuckolded masturbator needs. Your wife can enjoy all the good dick she needs, and I can give you the rules for cuckolded masturbators. Of course, they all come down to “You don’t deserve to cum,” but it’s fun finding new and different ways to enforce that particular rule.

So what are you waiting for? Your lovely wife is out having the time of her life right now. You need me to remind you of all the ways that you don’t measure up. And then, after I do that, I’ll have you stroke…and stroke…and stroke….

It never ends for cuckolded masturbators like yourself, does it? Haha, it doesn’t, and it shouldn’t! I’m really looking forward to keeping you in gooning hell, so try not to keep me waiting too long. It’ll only be worse for you if you do.