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Why Sissy Should Masturbate Like A Girl

It’s Masturbation May and I did not want to leave my sissy girls out of the fun. If there is one assignment you can complete for me this month, it would be to masturbate like a girl. Okay, I can hear you all saying, “mistress, why should I masturbate like a girl?”. You should learn to masturbate like a girl because it will help you feel more feminine. You want to be the best girly girl possible right?

Only men shove their hands in their underwear and jerk it! You are not a man, but a delicate sissy specimen. You need to use your two fingers to slide up and down your little clittie nub. Masturbating like a girl will help you concentrate on the sensations inside your body. You will learn to prolong pleasure and delay orgasm. It is so much easier to hold off when you are lightly touching yourself. The main reason to masturbate like a girl is so you can focus on pleasuring a real cock. You want to last until you make that cock explode inside you!

3 comments to Why Sissy Should Masturbate Like A Girl

  • sissy donna

    Mistress Lena, I usually masturbate that way. i make sure i have on my pink panties and red cocksucker lipstick and then slide my hand under the panty, and using my thumb and fore finger i slide my sissy clitty back and forth until it cums, while i think about sucking a Real Mans Big Black cock and swallowing His big cum load while a Dominant Mistress watches me.

  • Petey cream puff

    This is next in my feminization training learning how to masturbate like the cream puff girl I’ve become.

  • michael

    I do not know that I masturbate exactly like a girl but in all honesty I was bummed out to learn that many men can actually wrap a whole hand around their penis. There is no way I could do that. I do use two fingers, well, at times it is really three. It is the way it is.

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